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Comanche guru's need your opinion

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A friend said I can get a 2000 Cherokee 4wd, auto, 5.2 V-8 on the cheap side, to do my 4WD swap. I have a 89 2WD Comanche, 4.0, auto. I know anything is possible, but in a nut shell would it be worth all the work.

it's going to be a daily driver, not much off road. Or just use my 4.0 and get tranny, t-case, and axles

(dana 30, dana 35)

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And you can not get a 2000 Cherokee with a 5.2. 5.2s and 5.9s were only in the zjs and in 99 when they went to the wj in 99 they started putting 4.7 v8s in them which I won't touch with a 10 foot pole.

Correct. I own a 2000 Cherokee -- it has the 4.0L and the AW4 transmission. The 5.2 litre was in the Grand Cherokee ZJ model, and it was the old Chrysler 318 engine. It's big and heavy and sucks gas like it owns an oil well. Not a good choice. As noted above, starting in 1999 the Grand Cherokee became the WJ series, with the all-new 4.7L V-8. I agree with Jim -- I owned a 1999 Grand Cherokee for about 8 months. The engine crapped out on me, the transmission was horrible, and the full-time transfer case acted up from time to time.


NOT a good choice for a swap. And that's ignoring the fact you would need to rewire the entire truck to use the new electronic system in the WJ.


Oh ... I own a 2000 Cherokee because Chrysler bought back my '99 Grand Cherokee so I wouldn't go lemon law on them. I replaced it with the 2000 XJ.

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