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Newly Acquired 1989 MJ In the Granite State

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I recently purchased a 1989 MJ off of a friend of my stepdad. Has 47xxx original miles on it. 4.0 I-6, 5 speed manual, 4WD. 4" Lift, with tubular lower control arms, extended swaybar links, upgraded steering stabilizer, and dropped pitman arm. Front end out of a newer (97?) cherokee, completely rebuilt. Chrysler 8.25 rear end out of the same rig with the shock mounts and spring perches relocated to the top of the axle. Unfortunately it's got the Peugot trans instead of the AX-15, but I'll be swapping that out eventually. Has some minor rust on the bed, top of the frame under the drivers side rear wheel well, and the rockers are starting to puss through in a few spots, and the floors have already been repaired once. Truck has a new radiator, thermostat, water pump, and coolant temps sensor. Fairly clean for anything I've seen in the Northeast. 

So far I haven't done a whole lot to it, changed the gear oil in the trans, ATF in the TC, oil change, swapped in the tape deck from an 89 cherokee, along with the cigarette lighter, and the manual gauge cluster with a tach! :banana:  Added a CB radio, light bar, tow hitch, jerry can mount, and fabbed a mount to hold 2: .50 cal ammo cans. Which hold my tie downs, and tow straps/chains. 


I've had quite a bit of wrench time on XJ's and my mom's YJ, and plenty on my Datsun pickup. Both of my XJ's are the same year as the MJ, so parts compatibility is awesome. But I still have quite a bit to learn, and hopefully I can find help on here when I get stuck. That and posting a build thread always helps me keep motivated when I get lazy. 

Now for some pictures  :rock on:

Truck the first day i picked it up:

Image Not Found


First time taking it out on the trails:

Image Not Found


How it currently sits:

Image Not Found



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