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Aux Wiper Button

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Had a weird idea as of recent. This is the setup I currently have as far as auxiliary buttons go inside the cab.



Fog lights are being used for fog lights, and what used to be the cargo light is now working the horns. I have the Aux. wiper control piece from an XJ I pulled a while back, but have nothing to use it for. Would it be possible to set up the wiper stalk function on this button (obviously, only using one speed of wipers) or no? I know the original button you have to push in and hold there, but I dare say this could be remedied by using a fog light switch button instead.


What does the general populace think? I know it's probably silly, but I'm curious to see if it can be done. :dunno:

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On an XJ, pushing the bottom (momentary toggle)  is for the washer, and also runs the wiper for three strokes.  Pushing the top (stays pushed in) runs the wiper continuously with about a 2 second delay between strokes.

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