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Need Help With Shock Length(4.5" Spring Under Lift)

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so i finally got done putting the 4.5" lift on after 2 months of trying(kidney stone, then kidney stone removal surgery, then weather) and my rear shocks are to short! i have zero droop and no rebound travel when i hit a bump. i haven't called rustys to see if they will send me the right length but i have a feeling it will be hard since i bought the lift in feb. 


whats everyone shock length wise on their 4-5" lifts(eye to eye extended)? I'm still running the spring under setup and have yet to move the shock mounts from the factory location. 




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Go to a site like Rusty's or Zone. They will list the part # of the shocks that they use for the lift height. Then cross reference that shock to the specifications pages, also found on their sites.






If you need a different height just find  one that has the same mounting on each end and have at it.

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The on-line Monroe catalog lists two shock series for the MJ, the SensaTrac and the Monro-Matic Plus.

The SensaTrac is #37029 and it has a collapsed length of 12.75" and an extended length of 20.0" with 7.25" of travel.


The Monro-Matic Plus is #31094. It has a collapsed length of 10.38" and an extended length of 16.25" with 5.88" of travel.


Since you lifted your truck 4-1/2" and maintained the stock shock mounts, you need shocks that are 4-1/2" longer than those. Basically, something about 15" to 16" long collapsed and about 22" to 23" long extended.


The end mounting types for the MJ shocks are L1 and L1 (upper and lower). Go to the link and see what you can find with L1/L1 mounts in approximately the length you need.

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Do you know you have an exact 4-1/2" lift? If not, remove the too short shocks you have installed, jounce the rear end up and down, then measure the "at rest" distance between the shock mounting pins. Then go to the Monroe link Eagle referred to and search for  the correct collapsed and extended lengths you need based on your "at rest" measurement.

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