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Oe Springs 52001117 Vs. 52001118. Which To Use For 4Wd Conversion?

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 I'm working on Georgia's 4WD conversion and found that, in 2WD form, her springs are P/N 52001118, Code FJ (still has a tag on one spring).  These are listed in the parts manual as #780.  The donor '96 Sport had P/N 52001117, Code FH, listed as #733.  I had expected the donor 4WD to have slightly beefier springs than Georgia but, from what I can tell, the MJ springs are the beefier ones.  I'm basing this on the sequential listing of P/Ns (parts manual goes from LD, through SD, and to HD springs).  I've looked around but haven't found a definite answer as to what the 733 or 780 means.  My best guess is that it's the spring rate expressed in lbs/in.  I'm leaning towards reinstalling her original springs (52001118) as they should have a higher spring rate.  Any info out there I'm missing?

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XJ packs are very different than MJ packs.  shorter and much less arch.  you'll need to use the MJ main and overload, but the ones in the middle can be mixed and matched to get the height you want.  I'm a fan of 2wd MJ packs with an extra main (with the eyes cut off) from a donor pack thrown in as a new second.

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