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97+ Conversion, Brake Lights?

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you don't run an extra wire.  pick up the brake light wire in the driver footwell from the MJ, and run a wire from it to the multiswitch.  I used a test light and individually tested the pins on the multiswitch while pressing the brakes to see which one lit up when braking.  It's near the center of the switch.  Very easy to do, and everything worked accordingly.

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97+ xj light wiring. no pins from the xj side harness, but hey...it's a start.

from the driver's kick panel
WT/TN = brake (to be wired to turn signal multi switch)
DG/RD = Left turn signal
BR/RD = right turn signal
BR/LG = reverse light

from driver's kick panel, needs to be wired back to passenger.
BR/YL = running lights

I cannot recall which pin it was, but a test light will tell you.  doing this will stop the interruption of the turn signal circuit. 

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