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Fierokids Comanche

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Hey all, I have mainly been just lurking and watching and surfing since I was first looking for my first car. And well, I eventually got a hold of a Fiero from my dad, and while thats a different project, I ended up stumbling onto a 1990, 4.0, 5-Speed, NP231 Sport truck and for 700 I couldnt pass it up. I bought it in October of last year and got to drive it for a month before my LCA bracket on the axle broke off as i was getting off the freeway by my house. I ended up parking the truck while i hunted down a new axle (I wanted to get rid of the CAD system). And while it was sitting, i just kept acquiring more parts to do, and made my to do list longer and longer. Well as of now Its getting:


Beijing 2500 Front End

Painted Flat white (Rustoleum spray can so scratches won't kill me) with Semi-Gloss Black trim

Roof Rack + LED lights (have a 42" Bar already)

Custom Front and rear Bumpers with Dual Hidden 12K Winches (Overkill, I know)

Custom Rock Sliders

And a Claytons Offroad 3-Link upfront and I'm not to sure how much lift itl actually be and a Spring over in the rear

97+ Power Doors/Mirrors



So far I have the front end installed and still deciding how to do my front fenders And while I'm doing that my dad is helping out and putting rebuild-able hinges from the 97+, We had to replace the drivers side Door striker area so its got the 97+ door jamb/Striker plate welded in. And the Passenger side will be done to match. I have a lot of the body sanded down ready for paint, I have the new drivers door painted and reassembled and the colors go good together. I don't have any pictures yet, but Ill throw some up tomorrow of my progress... This thread is mainly for me to track my progress and keep track of what parts are from what type of thing, but I figured others may enjoy watching this. 

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I Lied, I will throw up pictures as soon as I find the best way to do so. And My Fiero started as a 2.8 with the 3speed. I spun a main bearing and didnt wanna rebuild the 2.8, So i bought a Camaro for the 3.4 And installed it, Replaced ALL but the Oil pump.. and that was a Mistake, less than a thousand miles in, my dad and i were on the freeway and all the sudden we could hear it knocking.. So I'm doing it again, but with a 4speed auto, DIS ignition, And what ever else I decide. Its a silver and Black 87 SE. 

I didnt end up working on the Truck yesterday, My dad and I went to the Junkyard and i grabbed Some tail lights from a Longbed, Cab vents, and some aftermarket Fuse panel. The Drip rails were already removed, but I'm looking for some that I can paint black, I don't want to paint over the Stainless or chrome or whatnot. Ive already removed that off my truck along with the Chrome windshield trim, waiting for a new windshield to be installed with the 97+ Trim. 

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SO i got some pictures tonight, Dad and I got a little progress done also but nothing to report really.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Thats the old Door Striker area from when i got it, he had it really mickey moused together.. 


This is after my dad worked it with what we cut out of a 98 2-Door. Now we gotta do this to the passenger side, its not damaged but, we gotta make it match. 

Thats my colors black and white. 


Here is the new front clip


And this is the fuse panel i picked up, Does anyone know anything about it?

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Looks to be a Blue-Sea 5031




Where/how did you find the 2500 front?  Just curious - I've always an eye out for spare parts jic something happens


Keep the pics coming



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I found the Conversion front end on Ebay, I knew i wanted one for a while after i found other people doing the swap. So when i saw the front clip with headlights for 500 delivered i couldnt pass it up, Hopefully itl be worth it in the Long run. Sweet, Looks like 5 bucks for that fuse panel was a steal!

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My long arms came in the mail thursday! I started getting that installed, looks like I may end up moving my brake/fuel lines that run down the drivers frame - rail, the upper arm goes right there. I also had to remove some strange brackets that went from the frame to the crossmember. I don't remember seeing them on my dad's cherokee? I'll post pictures up of the massive arms after work today

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So its been a few days.. ooops. But I got a few more things done on her the past little while, My dad got the passenger side door jamb cleaned up, and welded in the new striker area, and got it almost ready for paint, I got my passenger fender modified and painted, I got my new windshield installed, my 3link axle bracket welded on and painted, Popped a few dents out of the bed, started to get the HID bulbs wired, but i had to cut more of the front of the truck since the bulbs are so long. And i got the new trans crossmember bolted in place, just waiting to weld that in. 



Its starting to look good, I'm getting excited. And I'm loving that white paint, even with all my finger prints on it. 

My Crossmember that bolts to the L.A. mounts which bolt and weld to the body. my upper 3link mount for the axle, and my massive and heavy arms

You can see the body mounts better in this one..

This is what we started with, previous owner added extra seals, that didnt work. just made a mess. All around the door, Both doors. its double sided foam tape, and then Expanding foam in places.. 

We drilled out the welds for the old striker backing plate, and got that out of the way.           here's the "new" striker, cut from a 98 2door that turned out to be way different than we thought, thought itd be closer than a 4 door because itd have less metal to work with.

Got the "new" metal cut down, and starting to cut the old out, making sure to cut as little as possible.

getting closer

The welds cleaned up for the most part.                                                                                    After a little body filler and lots of sanding, this parts ready for paint, just gotta clean the rest of the crap off.

And here's the dent i got to look a little better, put some primer on to prevent rust. had to do something to make a tail light fit, before he had to trailer lights bolted into it, and he butchered the harness. so i gotta make another one of those. 

I'm hoping to get this together quick, my timeline just got.. expedited. My girlfriend and I are now Engaged, and are getting married in August. So i have a lot to do for that, were looking for a place to rent, and I'm leaning towards a little house or something my toys can come with, but its looking like an apartment. I'm waiting on the L.A. brackets to get welded, and then i should be able to start throwing the axle underneath, and when I do my Fiances little brother will come and help, he wants to learn. I think ill also make him do my intake/exhaust gasket. 

Things I still NEED to do:

Weld L.A. brackets
Install front axle, after putting all new joints in. - Brayden will help with that. 
do rear S.O.A. got rear disks to install also
Intake/Exhaust gasket
All new Fluids
Wire up the drivers side tail light, Wire the front end and wire for my power doors
Find and weld in new door hinges

Something for a front bumper. will probably just put a piece of tube to pass safety for now

Things i still WANT to do but probably won't:

Build my front and rear bumpers, with hidden winches
Re-do the Engine compartment to make room for my dual yellow tops

Roof rack with off-road lights

Snorkel, may be needed for dual batteries. 

Roll cage-Exo cage.. kinda. 

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Thanks, it's getting there. I got my lighting wired up, new rear harness made, grabbed both ends of the rear harness plug to make a trailer harness. Got hinges rebuilt and ready to weld in. Have a 8.25 to swap disc's on. Need to figure out wiring the doors up. Getting close. But still so far.. I have till August to get it all done. 

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