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Water Leaking Down The Firewall On The Inside Passenger Side

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After heavy rains, there is water standing in my passenger floor board. I sat in the truck once and watched it come down the firewall from under the passenger side dash. Someone recommended that I take the grill off from under the windshield wipers and make sure the little drain hole isn't plugged up but dang if I could find any drain hole. Any other suggestions where this might be coming from?


And I have a little surface rust on the floorboards. I've long since removed the carpet and padding and just have the sheetmetal showing. What can I coat that with to keep it from rusting?

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I would suggest that it's possibly a worn out windshield seal. It could possibly be the drain hole is clogged, but I don't have a picture of it to show where the exact location is. :dunno:


As for the rust on the floorboards, you could coat with Rust-X or (my preference) Rustoleum's Rust Reformer product. Either that, or wire wheel the rust off and coat in POR-15 or bedliner paint, as some others have done here.


You're better off going with a combination of the two most likely for best results. :thumbsup: 

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Picture of drain holes courtesy of Cherokeeforum. :cheers: They are in the same location for both sides. As far as their cowl location goes, they should be inside at the corners. They're more like a channel than an actual hole, IIRC. My advice would be to remove the wiper motor and vacuum out the area inside. That's what I did with mine when I was replacing bushings on the wiper arms.



Also, it may be worthwhile to give this a lookover.


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