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Jeep Makes 7 Out Of Top 10 Vehicles Least Expensive To Insure


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Saw this gem whilst browsing at lunch today:




One point that made me laugh:


"According to Karl Brauer, senior analyst for Irvine, Calif.-based Kelley Blue Book, owners of Jeeps tend to be single or married women under age 45, who display prudent driving behavior."


I guess old Karl has never heard of this forum...lol

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My DD is a 2014 Patriot Latitude 4x4. The new 6-spd auto tranny transforms these things. IMHO that CVT was crap and the 5-speed was not very smooth. These tranny makes the Jeep faster (over a second faster 0-60 then the CVT or stick), more smooth, and it gets better MPG's. Although it is not a brute off-road it is the best off-roader in its class and has a half-arsed locking "brake-lock differential" which uses the traction control and ABS to sorta lock the rear diff. It was very good in this last winter which was even rougher than usual . It has the upgraded "all-terrain (not really)" tires.  It is AWD but you can lock it for a true 50/50 split. Even with no low range it has a 17.5:1 crawl ratio.


But as to the insurance: I pay $702/year for full coverage with a $250 deductible. That beats the $1,104 for the less expensive Sport version on that list pretty soundly.

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