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Electrical Problems

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First off it's an 88 eliminator 2wd with 217xxx miles. It likes to melt fuses for the blower- it gets warm with the selector in the off position, the clock/radio memory fuse has no power coming to it. No evidence of leaky clutch master. Back when I bought the truck I had to run new wires to the gauge lights and hvac center light, as when it was factory if I jumped power from fused hot on the head light switch to the orange wire to the lights, it would blow the fuse. I have an extra headlight switch plug in good condition waiting to be installed as I am just using spade connectors on the switch. I already have a head light harness installed. I like the simplicity of a basic jeep with no power options since I had an 89 xj loaded with options but everything worked as it should. The eliminator is another story and I'd love to get it fixed. So far I have added load carrying relays to the blower circuit which are only triggered by the factory wiring and gets there power from the battery with a 20 amp fuse just like factory and it so far haven't gave me any problems even on the hottest day of the year.

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No evidence what so ever. It simply has no power on either side of the clock/radio memory fuse and it loves to melt the fuse to hvac controls. I've even added relays to the blower circuit to take the load off the factory wiring and it has melted the fuse twice since then.

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