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Egr Solenoid And Cannister Removal?

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Can anyone recommend if the EGR Solenoid and evaporator canister can be removed?


The vacuum lines are rotted on mine and am trying to debate if I should just remove the whole thing or repair it.  That canister is not the smallest, and I could add a vacuum reservoir in its place.  However, I don't think it is as simple as jerking it out.  What needs to be done to remove it and have the engine run properly?


From Moses Ludel's site, it would appear there is a select window when the EGR actually functions and it would seem if it malfunctions, causes engine problems.

From Moses' site:


The EGR canister purge valve is a solenoid controlled by the ECU. The valve applies and shuts off vacuum to the EGR valve and the Evaporative Canister. The solenoid prevents the EGR and canister from operating during the engine warm-up mode, at an idle, during wide open throttle and during quick acceleration and deceleration. If you disconnect this solenoid, the EGR and evaporative canister will operate at all times, causing rough running and hazardous vapor conditions.


Truck:  '87 2.5L, AX4 2WD.


EDIT:  There are no emission requirements in TX for autos > 25yrs. old, so I'm in the clear on that.

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The EVAP cannister and EGR system are two seperately functioning systems.


The EVAP is just a series of lines running from the fuel tank to the cannister, then from the cannister the the airbox. It captures fuel vapors thatvare then drawn in by vacuum. Simple as that. There were no purge solenoids in our years, it'just a simple system. But one that I'd keep personally. On my 88 it wasn't connected to the EGR solenoid that I saw.

The EGR is another system altogether. I deleted mine for the same reasons ... it was NFG and falling apart. All that remains now is the valve itself until I swap heads and use a later manifold this spring.

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