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Hi guys I post the tuff stuff here b/c I know u guys got an answer got a aw4 and np231 from a guy that says it come out of a 96 Cherokee with 75000 miles got it home cleaned the tags and by the markings 30-43le its a 2wd but the input shaft is short like 4wd is this a common error on markings or is this a rebuild made to be 4wd I have a 30 day warranty just wondering if I should return this thing or Image Not Found

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Found out some new info guy from Cherokee forum says he run into the same thing he has a 94 xj bought new just recently was gonna get his trans rebuilt the trans shop pointed this out to him so being that he bought this truck new there could not have been mods he called dealership they put him in touch with what they say was a Mopar guru this guy told him that Chrysler had such an influx of these trans that they didn't always change the tags and that this is common just not noticed how true this is who knows but just for kicks how about guys running aw4 check your tags see if its 30-43le or 43-30le so we can put this to bed i figure it will definitely help someone out in the future

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