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Engine Temp Sending Unit Issue

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So about 2months ago I bought my first Comanche. I've been loving it ever since. Been just fixing little things here and their. When I bought the truck, only 2 gauges worked out of the whole cluster. Now I have all them working except for the temp gauge and speedo. So I decoded the engine in the truck and the block seems to be right for the truck. It says it is a 91' and my truck is a 92'. But someone at some point put a newer head on it cause it doesn't have the temp sender hole in the back driver side of the head. So my question is.... Where would I put the temp sender since the head doesn't have the needed hole? Also any one have any diy links as to help solve my non working speedo? That would be great as well. Thanks again guys.

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For the 91-95 HOs the temp gauge sensor is in the left rear cylinder head. The thermostat temp sensor is for the ECU. If your cylinder head port has no threaded hole for the temp sensor, it's most likely from a 96-99 4.0 engine, casting number 0630. Some had the tapped hole, some did not. The raised boss for the sensor hole should still be still there, and you can carefully drill and tap a 1/8" or 1/4" NPT hole (I forget which) through it into the water passage. Common mod for a stroker engine since the 0630 head is generally considered the best flowing head.

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