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The Start Of My '89Heep Build

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So I've always been a fan of the MJ's but had never been able to find a cheap solid start. I ran across a guy in Ohio who had a basket case on craigslist so I called him up. He had everything sitting in a storage unit for about 10 years and the previous owner had given up on it. He bought the truck new and babied it. eventually put a trail master lift on it and take it to the dunes. It caught fire from wiring for his lightbar and burnt from the firewall forward. He sandblasted it all down, primed it, and its sat ever since. He had begin to set up coils in the rear but the fab work was a little shotty.


Everything I got with it:

-Bare frame/cab

-WJ coils for the rear

-Lift coils for the Front

-Fiberglass Bedsides/Fenders/Hood

-4.0 Wiring harness

-Front 30 with 4.56s

-Rear 44 with 4.56s and a Detroit Locker

- Mismatched length 3 link bars

-Original and drop Control arms

-A Sh** Ton of misc interior/exterior parts


My plan is to make a Wishbone 3-Link Setup in the rear and eventually long arm the front. I haven't decided on power plants yet but I've always wanted to build a stroker. I have a month long break between semesters at school and plan on having a complete roller by the time I head back. There is quite a bit of stripping to do of the axles from all the brackets the previous owner made and cobbled on, but hey I gotta start somewhere!

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SmthnD1ff- There are coil perches welded on the D44, and weld up some upper mounts for the springs as well. Placed about where the cross bracing is. 88whitemanche- Thanks man the flare bedsides look pretty mean to! Should come out pretty nice. Ill keep posting pictures as I progress!

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