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Anyone Else On Here From 'toba?


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Spotted a couple MJ's in western Manitoba, on my 60 mile commute to work. I've driven more than once past a pretty sick looking camo'd MJ, looks like possibly a vinyl wrap or a lot of patience, with a white cap, lifted by a fair amount, on the west side of Elphinstone, just off highway 45.

Today sometime around 5-5:30 pm. I also turned off the gravel onto 21 just south of Oakburn right after a light blue, short bed 4.0 pioneer went past. Looked like a rez bomber at first glance, possibly a 2wd from how low it was in the front, but it had a pretty serious rake. Followed it for a while then went by it just north of Shoal Lake. I waved, but the girl driving it didn't give me a second glance.  :( Then when I turned west onto 16 she just kept going into Shoal lake.


No pics cause my camera took a tumble down the stairs and the lens is fubar.

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