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Idle, Speedo, And Dash Lights

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Just put a full cluster in my 86 2.8...wondering what normal rpm shift points, idle, and redline are for the 2.8 with ax5...


Speedo...old one only worked when it wanted, would randomly stop, and buzz like the cable was coming out..turns out the retaining clip in the guage side of the in-cab cable was gone...put a new speedo with a different style cable in, and it doesnt always work, but no buzzing...any thoughts?


Dash lights. Never had any. Lights are all there, and work, but not in the dash. Replaced cluster, dimmer switch...so its gotta be a wiring issue, right? Can anyone help shed some light on this issue?

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I imagine they would all have to ground through the switch, since that's the whole point of the switch... to limit the current through the lights, making them dimmer.


May be an issue with the ground from the switch.

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If its like mine the ground is connected to the e-brkae pedal assembly thing. You check the fuses right? And redline should be around 7k rpm

I'll check...and mine sounds like it redlines around 3500 rpm..hard to tell with the trans whine and extreme amount of road noise...honestly it sounds like its revving too high at 2k according to the tach

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