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Suspension Pops On Acceleration/deceleration 0-15Mph

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  '92 MJ, 4.0 HO, 2WD, AX-15, just a hair under 250K miles.  I've been working my way through the front suspension and have done Upper & lower control arm bushings, track bar, sway bar end links.  Shocks appear to be fairly new & I'm sure the ball joints are OEM.  Tie rods look OE but seem tight.  I replaced the steering damper last week and, shortly thereafter, a single "pop" appeared.  It's not 100% consistent (I don't think any symptoms on a Jeep ever are...) but 50% of the time I'll get a single pop when I reverse direction (back out of a parking spot), or decelerate/accelerate (get off the hwy, etc).  This started after changing the steering damper but, offhand, I can't understand why that would cause a pop.  It could be a coincidence that it started after changing the damper, then again perhaps not.  Any thoughts?


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  I played around with it a bit today and noticed the TREs rock from front to back easily & can contact the spindle.  The boots are in rough shape but are more or less intact.  I greased them up and one shot out a wad of hardened goo (I wouldn't call it grease).  TRE's seem to be dampened by the fresh grease and are much harder to rotate into the spindle.  A short drive showed some improvement so we'll see what happens.

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