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My 89 Swb 4X4

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Here's my new to me 89 short box 4.0 5 speed. Has Dana 30 and 35 from a ZJ with 3.73's and rear disk brakes, welded rear, and some lift (stock upper and lower arms w/drop brackets for both) still spring under. ZJ steering. Cut fenders. Almost new 33x12.50 Courser MT's. Only 108,000 miles on er. Sliders and front bumper w/Hella's. 97+ mirrors. Have been tweaking it, fixing little things and getting it running right.


Had to put this pic on Photobucket, I'm guessing I don't have enough posts to upload them on here yet? Can't seem to locate any attachment options.


Oh and I'm in south-central Indiana, have previously owned a built ZJ, a built WJ and another WJ with street rims/tires which now belongs to my ex wife. I've got a built 96 Dodge Cummins dually and 22' tilt car trailer for towing, but looking to add a gooseneck (maybe a wedge) to the fleet this spring to tow more rigs!

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Thanks, I built the fenders and intended them to hold anything that fits on trailer (or doesn't haha).... have put a few 1 ton diesels on them they don't budge. the sheet metal ones that came on it did not do anything for me :)


Yes my first MJ..... :)

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Haha thanks Gilley...


nothing too exciting going on with the Comanche, i've been dealing with some health issues but my therapy is tinkering in the garage until early morning hours. Gilley has been over offering company, Jeep knowledge and an extra set of hands. It has gotten an alignment that involved moving the axle quite a bit LOL, and re-arranging some things on the interior and re-wiring every aftermarket item added, while relocating some of them. Repainted the sliders. Debating on selling the axles, wheels and tires, and front control arm drop brackets, and building long arms and putting one tons under it with 35's or 36's. It's just an idea.....

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Small update, picked up some 31x10.50 at's on TJ rims for street use and nice set of 33x10.50 TSL's that I put on the steel wheels. Sold the Coursers to a friend. We just got done installing a wireless remote on the 10k Smittybilt, and cleaning/greasing the gear box. It's on a receiver mount for use on my trailer and/or the Dodge. Not sure yet if I will wind up with a receiver on front of the MJ or get its own dedicated permanent winch. The latter would work out better, just depends on money I suppose.



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Nothing new with the MJ itself. Haven't even drove it much last couple weeks. I did pick up a new-to-me trailer in need of rebuild that I'm working on getting ready to go, it's a 30' tri-axle 21k, and came with a 10k winch. I will remove that winch and put it on front of the MJ. The trailer will get a 2" receiver on front like i put on the 22' trailer, so the other winch can be used on it if needed.


Trailer as I drug it home:



Trailer is getting new brakes, bearings, some tires, new deck, new LED lights, all new wiring, 1/4" plate drive-over fenders, new slide-in ramps, and later when it warms up, new paint.


Another project, 1989 SunLite Hideaway 9.5' truck camper, needs some repairs (new roof mainly). Altogether, the Dodge w/camper, 30' trailer and both MJ's with gear and all will probably be 24-25,000 lbs. looking forward to getting it all done and being able to use it. Have some things to do to the Dodge too. All while working average 80 hrs a week and 6-7 days a week. Tough to get much done so it will be a challenge to get everything ready for this season.



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