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Idle Speed Control Ac Delco

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Hi all, i know for you more experienced MJ owners this may be a dumb question, but here goes. I have an 86 XLS with the 2.5L with a high idle problem, recently replaced every vacuum tubing i can find even the one on that ball under the passenger side headlight, replaced MAP, recent tune up still no relief. I ordered the only replacement that looks a lot like it, since I can't find one for the Comanche listed anywhere, so I ordered part from amazon its AC Delco 19160423 Idle Speed Control Motor it states that it will fit 1986 cherokee 2.5L now my question is this did the two,the MJ and the cherokee have the same engine that year. I read somewhere on the forum that another member used same part from chevy which will be AC Delco and it worked. :dunno: by the way did clean TB but no change Thanks for any help on this :bowdown:

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