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Removing Exhaust Flange Bolts

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Yeah I know it's just as easy as turning a wrench but for the life of me I cannot get these bolts to budge.

Just for reference the truck I'm talking about is 89 2wd 5 speed, the bumblebee.

I was able to get the bolts out fairly easily from my other MJ but seriously on these I have tried everything I got. socket wrench, normal wrench with mallet / hammer, cordless impact, tried it hot, tired it cold. These things at 14mm right?? I used my 14mm wrench on it with a mallet and it actually seems to be rounding it off! Could it be that these are SAE? I'm going to soak them with penetrating oil tonight and see if that helps....any tips?


I've got to replace the muffler to take it through emissions before my temp tag runs out next week so any help will be appreciated!

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