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Drive Shaft Cross Referance Table?

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I know there used to be a table that listed all setsups and lengths of rear driveshafts. Where is it now? I parked Sugarfoot about a year ago after Hurricane Irene. I have since quit working flood claims in the field and now review for the NFIP out of my home. So inbetween reviewing and paying a million Hurricane Sandy flood files from home I have some time to pay some attention to her again. So it's back to that old PITA BA 10 that needs to leave and add in the AX-15 2x4. I got two Comanches being parted out down here in TX. Ones a 92 and the other is an 89 so I figure pickings are good at the moment. Just need to get what setups have the shaft I can use. So FYI I'm an 88 sb with 4.0 with AX15 2x4 and Dana 35. Simply removing my 231 and front drive shaft to storage and hitting the highway.


James and Sugarfoot

Denton TX. Home of FEMA Region VI

88 RED Pioneer, power everything

4.0- 268K that leaves her mark everywhere.

2x4 AX15

D35 and 30

and a ton of CHROME! Why you can almost see our glint in Texas from the space station. The other one is Don's in Alabama. He's got more chrome than a 59 Cadillac. Chrome is COOL and rare. So is AMC.

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