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Dropping Oil Pan For Rms Replacement

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'88 MJ, 2WD, 4.0L - I'm planning to change the RMS when I replace the exhaust manifold and exhaust system. That will be one more thing out of the way of removing the oil pan. Before the site upgrade I saw a post that said something about supporting on the "frame" and unbolting something that will allow the front axle to drop and give more clearance to get the pan off. Can't find the post now and plan to do it this weekend. Can someone point me to the post or provide some guidance?

I'll replace/rebuild the oil pump in the process and then replace the timing sprockets, chain, harmonic balancer and oil seal while I'm in the grease monkey mode. Anyone have the PN for the one piece Fel-Pro pan gasket handy? Is that a good thing or should I go with the standard gasket set I already have?


EDIT - I put jack stands under frame, let the axle droop, disconnected track bar at pitman arm and let it drop. The pan came off without even removing the oil pump. Well, it did take a few whacks with a 2X6 and an eight pound sledge to break it loose, but it came out easily once it was loose.

Still need part numbers on the double lip rear seal and the one piece pan gasket.

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I pulled track bar, control arms, sways...still needed 1/8"...seriously. I unbolted the tranny mount and put a floor jack under the TC...just a skosh. Ba-da-bing.


On a 2wd?


I was able to drop the steering and track bar and the pan will come out with some jimmying.

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