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Frame Rail Prep/paint & Undercoating

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As bucky is in the final stages before the paint is shot (read bed is off the truck), I have come to the conclusion that I should clean the underside of the bed and undercoat it and clean prep and paint the frame rails before re-mounting the bed. I have new fuel tank filler neck vent etc that will go in as well. Realizing that this is probably info in various build threads, my question is what brand and product do you guys reccomend for both undercoating the bed and painting the rails? The truck is out east of Denver in a paint shop, I have the week off and may be able to drive out there (shop owner approval permitting) and do the prep (advice is welcomed) in a nice warm shop. It is presently 9 degrees in Denver and is not expected to get any warmer than 30 degrees for probably the next week or more. Yes I am dying to get the truck back, enough so I told the painter I would trailer her home ..."just throw a few bolts back in to hold the bed down and put the gas tank in the back of the bed". Having no garage I don't want to have it sit for a few weeks till it gets warm enough to do this before the bed gets re-mounted. I need it back on the road. I am at a quandry.....what would you guys do????

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I talked with my body shop guy at length about this. Ultimately I (we) decided to media blast the frame rails, coat in POR15 and apply a top coat of paint. It was his opinion (nearly 40 years of experience) that POR15 and a top coat would protect the frame for the remainder of the truck's life and then some. He views undercoating as an expensive top coat that simply looks bad after a few years and doesn't provide any additional protection.

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