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Chimers And Roof Visors

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Hey guys, today I picked up a blue chime module and an xj visor at the jy.


I was under the impression that the blue chime module would chime if you left your lights on, so far I am unable to produce this result; I really need it I have been known to leave my lights on from time to time.

Can someone set me straight regarding the chimer?


Regarding the visor I know some people have modified the xj visor to fit the mj, how much work is it? I am not afraid to put a little elbow grease into it, this was the first one I have ever seen irl so I had to have it. For $9 you can't go wrong :thumbsup:

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Ive got a visor on mine specifically for the MJ, from what I understand the distance between the rain gutter and top of the roof line is higher??? on the XJs. or maybe its the other way around. Either way I doubt it would look that great seeing as how it wouldnt line up properly and would probably risk cracking the visor if ya force it too much.

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Regarding your chime module. Use the below to determine if you are getting the 12V signal on module pin 8 when you leave the headlights on and remove the ignition key:

[4] [3] [2] [1]
[8] [7] [6] [5]

The tab is the lock tab that holds the buzzer in. Pin 5 is a blank.

Pin 1 is power
Pin 2 goes to the instrument cluster
Pin 3 is ground
Pin 4 is the seat belt input
Pin 5 blank
Pin 6 is the door switch input
Pin 7 is the key in input
Pin 8 is the headlight input

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