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what is an mj topper worth??

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i'm just curious. still not sure if i want a topper but i think it could come in handy at times for camping,etc. even if i decide i don't want it, what is it worth?? i know where a mj topper and bedliner are in a junkyard and i really hate to see it go to waste(a.k.a. crusher) when i know someone on here could more than likely use them.


if i can pick them up for a reasonable price i would re-sell for my money back and a little bit of my time.

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not sure of brand but looked to be in decent shape when i seen it. i was more worried at the time with snatching what parts i needed. but i do know it's fiberglass material and the bedliner did say "comanche" on the front side under the back window.


the more i thought about it the more i kicked myself for not taking a better look at it and just grabbing it before some punk decides to bust a window on it

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Bad shape, 50-100 bucks, in decent shape with good glass and a back window that seals well, I'd give 100-150. In perfect shape with perfect paint, they'll get 200-300 online maybe a tad more. I wouldn't pay these prices for an S10 or Ranger topper though.


Definitely go get that bed liner!

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