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T-case Chain Stretch

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I'm getting ready to open up the back side of a 242, and would like

to learn from someone who has been there and knows how to check

the chain for stretch. How much is too much? Conversely, would

the recommendation be to just preemptively replace it regardless?

I have no idea how many miles this unit has, I only know it shifts well.

Thanks for input.

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Well, that was my leaning too, but is there any rule of thumb such

as mid span deflection to even judge stretch? I only want to go in

there once, but if a new chain deflects as much as the original one

did, seems there might not have been stretch. I don't have a good

feel for how tough (or not tough) these chains are. Comments?

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I had a 231 with a chain so badly stretched it was skipping teeth and wearing a groove where it was laying on the bottom of the case. New chain was so tight I had trouble lining the shafts up perfectly to slip into the bearings.


In a 242 it may matter more.


I would put the shifter into part time 4wd (either high or low). Grab the rear output in one hand and the front output in the other ad twist them to feel for any slop between them. Should be hardly any.

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