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Who works on a Jeep Comanche? Grand Rapids, MI area

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Who works on a Jeep Comanche in the Grand Rapids, MI area?


Here's the deal. I have a 1988 Jeep Comanche Pickup that needs transmission work, automatic transmission. I took it to a transmission shop in Lowell (where I actually live) who went so far as to tear it down. The transmission needs rebuilding, the flywheel is chewed up, and an oil seal on the engine is bad. It became obvious at this point the shop realllllly doesn't care so much to work on older vehicles. Been there, done that, so I paid them for the work done and got the vehicle back home.


So now I'm looking for someone who does and wants to work an older Jeep. I am a paying customer and not in any hurry. Let me qualify the not in a hurry as I know all to well how the time vs. effort inverse ratio works. I would want it back in time for the annual Forest Cleanup in mid-April! That should be plenty of time.


So, do you or do you know of anyone who would like the job? TIA.


If I can't find anybody, then I may part it out come spring.



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How much did you pay them for nothing? just curious?


$300. But at least the it's apart now. Tranny is in the truck bed


4X or 2X?


My bad, I should have mentioned 4x4


With as many rotted out Jeeps in your area I would think it cheaper to buy a donor and pay someone to swap a known good trans.


I was under the impression Cherokees of the same vintage would work for engine and tranny. Correct me if I'm wrong. The shop I had it at didn't seem to realize this and really didn't want to mess with it. If there is something I have learned in life, if somebody doesn't want to work on something, it's best to hire someone who does.

As far as replacement tranny, there are bone yards around that have this stuff.


I had "my guy" who did a lot of work on the Comanche about 5 years ago. He knew what he was doing, had a well equipped shop nest to his house, very reasonable, and only 2 miles from my home. Unfortunately, his health was beginning to fail then and he's no longer doing auto work.


So, I'm still looking for that someone who can do the swap.

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