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Question: Where can I run a wire through dash for gps?

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:???: Anyone know where or how I can run a wire from under the dash to power my gps? I hate having the wires all over the place.... :fs1:

I'm thinking can I run it thought the vents in the picture below somehow?




Any suggestions would be appreciated, though I would prefer not to take the dash out.

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headliner to a pillar to cig outlet is a long run for a gps cord, they usually are not that long. you may be able to get it through the dash but the vents probably go into duct work so you wouldn't be able to get the cord through the ducts. usually the best way is to mount it in the lower left corner of the windshield and tuck it behind the dash or remove the a pillar and fish the wire to the under dash. if you would like also you can but a cig adapter and wire it into switched power under the dash so it doesn't have to come back out and go into the cig plug on the dash.

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The defrost vent cover can be removed. Carefully pry up the cover then fish your power supply through the dash. Once you get the wire passed the radio it should be easy going. Take your time and don't shove the wires or pull them too much so you do not break any dash wiring.

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