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Shocks from a JK?

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I read on Jeep forum that stock front shocks off a JK swap onto the MJ for 3" lift. Is this correct? What about the rear shocks? My father has a set of brand new factory shocks off his 2011 JK that he is mailing me. He put an OME lift on it before it had 100 miles on the odometer.

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I installed JK base model shocks on my MJ a couple years ago. They ride great and it only took minor mods to make them fit front and rear. Youll need a couple pieces of your old shocks mounting to put into you new ones on the front, and remove a peice from the rears, but they fit and work great. I'm not sure I would go much more than 2 inches more than stock height to use them. especially in the rear. If you have more lift than that, I would get something else.

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