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what carburator kit would in need 86 comanche xls

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ok thank you jimoshel ill have to look on the carb then but i was talking to a buddy thats a pritty good michanic and he said with out lookin at it it sounds like the chock just need ajusting where can i get a free guide on how to ajust it or dose any one have a copy that i could get from them as i ant got the money to buy a manual and the wife needs the jeep for work she drives about 90 miles a day 7 days a week

thanks all

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A simple check. Remove the air intake hose from the top of the carb. Do this while the engine is cold, before you start it. Look down into the carb bore. The choke plate should be closed. Now start the engine. The plate should open. Depending on the outside air temperature will affect how much the plate opens.If it's warm out and the engine gets warm it should be fully open. Also , there's a timer in the circuit. After so many hours it kicks in and does something to the carb. Don't remember what. Have to look it up. Also check the EGR valve. If it's not working properly it has some of the same symptoms as a bad choke. Auto Zone has some pretty good repair guides on it's site. Look up AutoZone. Register, type in the vehicle info and see what it comes up with.

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