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AX15 differences

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So i was wondering, what, if any, are the differences in AX15's through out the years? The reason I ask is cuz I'm going to do an AX15 swap and I think I'm getting one from someone who doesn't know what year it's from. Basically I need to identify it by looking at it, just so I know what I need exactly. Any help would be great.

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I don't know that there are any differences. They all have a switch for a backup lights. Some may or may not have the hookup for the shift light, but IMO the shift light is worthless anyway.


If 2wd some would have a mechanical speedo hookup and some the electronic depending on year, but the one is a straight swap for the other.

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Older years had the internal slave cylinder, where as the later years had the external slave cylinder..

If your doing a swap from the "puke-goat" try and get a later one with the external slave. Its well worth it. But if not, just swapping the trans is better than nothing. You can always swap to external slave later on, as you just replace the bell housing, and front bearing housing. You're also want to get a new trans mount as it is different.




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There's no different in input shaft lengths.


89-91 AX-15s have the smaller input shaft tip, 92+ has the larger.


YJ/TJ 4wd units have the holes for the T-case drilled differently for clocking.


Obviously 2wd and 4wd units are different.


YJ/TJ units use a different shifter, and AFAIK, the internal shift arm is also specific to the shifter, so you can't, say, use an XJ/MJ shifter in a YJ/TJ trans and vice versa, but I've vet to personally confirm it.


Speedo sender isn't really an issue as they're all swappable.


There's no real difference between external and internal slave transmissions other than the bearing retainer and bellhousing, which will all interchange.

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thanks for the info guys. I ended up getting a good deal on an ax15 mated to a 231. the only thing is now i have to get a bell housing and bearing retainer. it came with an adapter and bell housing to mate to a chevy 350. so I'll be getting rid of that and need the proper bell housing and bearing retainer. anyone know if i can pull the front bearing out without splitting the case? just thought I'd replace it while changing the retainer.

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Knew there were differences. Guess I was thinkin about Toyota transmissions when I mentioned the possibility of different input shaft lengths. Edited that out. Just different pilot sizes.


Makes sense. The R154 is the Toyota cousin to the AX-15, and the W/G series 5 speeds are pretty similar to the AX-5.

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Is there a way to know if the transmission had an external or internal slave clutch or not?


Without knowing the year or seeing it, no. It's pretty obvious if you can take a look at it.





External bearing retainer:



Internal(this is a pukey, since I can't seem to find an internal AX-15 pic, but it's similar):


Internal bearing retainer:


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