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what a job to do !

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i am working on a 1987 MJ with a very bad wiring harness under the dash . the main plug /fuse box melted plus brake fluid hit it too ! yes you guess it ,let the fun start now!!!parts are needed OUCH!!! sorry for a bad post early ...this poor MJ really got me working hard to repair,the brake fluid is real evil stuff ,it came from the clutch master cylinder coated the fuse box and corroded the connectors at the firewall ! somebody can make kit device to detect brake fluid leaking before the devil has his due ,would be great .... got ideas , gang

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i have been handed a 1988 Cherokee under the dashboard harness that was a automatic tranny which as off shoot from the main trunk 10 pin harness [black]where 6 [gray]pin weatherpac is on the MJ ...can this be made to work with MJ ? color codes for 10 pin connector is what i am look for to match the mj lay out ?found this on mj ''6'' pin Connector C157 which right as i have known but trouble the Cherokee harness the color codes don't match ..anybody know this one???


A RH stop/turn lamp (Brown)

B Side marker/park/tail/license (Dark Blue)

C Fuel sender unit (Tan)

D Backup lamps (Brown/White)

E LH rear stop/turn lamp (Gray/Black)

F Fuel pump (orange)

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