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4.0 W A T E R P U M P help

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Ive searched this entire internet & can't find any simple step by step on how to replace a waterpump on an 88 4.0 .some people say its a breeze,yet i seen a vid on a 91 replacement & ya have to remove all kinds of stuff . Just wonderiung of anyone might have a link or advice or anything before i start removing my waterpump?? tyvm in advance.

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I just replaced mine on my 87 pioneer. It wasnt to bad, i had to take the braket for the power steering pump off and then pop the belt off. I also removed my fan for eaiser access to some of the bolts holding it it. but once you get the brakets out of the way, you just have to drain the coolant out of it than remove the bolts holding it on there and it should come off. like i said it can be a pain expecially if the power steering pump braket doesnt want to move. but other than that i got it done in about 2 or 3 hours. also just an fyi i replaced my thermostat while i was at it since you got everything undone, and you will need around 2 jugs of coolant to put back in. good luck!

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