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Quartz Jeep Clock Q's

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Went to the JY this past weekend w/ a buddy of mine to browse the new imported vehicles, and I ran across a pristine 88 Chero. Wagoneer that had only been there for a day and was completely un-pillaged (save for the motor, which was completely pulled and the husk turned in)

(Will post pics of it in my Build thread)


But anyway, I picked up a Quartz Dash clock which is a direct plug in to the system in my own truck. The only problem is that the bulb(?) is shot, so there isn't any display. Does anyone know if there is a way to replace the bulb; or is there even a bulb to replace? Or am I going to have to send it to the "For Service..." location stamped on the back to get it fixed?


2 Pics of the clock, in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about. :nuts: Not mine of course (always too lazy to take my own pictures :no: :thwak: ), credit goes to Marcus Ohms @ Go-Jeep for the pics.




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Before you blame the clock, recommend checking for voltage(s) and grounds on the clock connector pinouts as per Gojeep's site. No signal = no display.


I'm not blaming the clock, just curious about it since I've only tinkered around with these clocks on few occasions. Haven't checked the voltage, but wiring wise, the clock is A-OK. I just thought it was a bit strange seeming as how the newer ones have replaceable bulbs, but this one doesn't. :dunno: I'll probably run a voltage check w/in the next few days to see if it's putting out anything.

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