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Digital Clock Connector

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Eludes me. I've read the relevant threads, and I've gotten all contorted

looking around the dash backside. I've pulled the instrument cluster, the

radio, the HVAC control unit, the lower panel, and I cannot find it anywhere.

I have the 1992 factory schematics. There's one graphic (figure 15 on page

8W-35) that points to a coiled up wire with the label "to digital clock" and it's

right behind the cluster. However, I've scrutinized every page of the schematics

and cannot find any reference to this circuit at all. It is not listed in the index

of components. Is it possible that my 1992 does not actually have this connector?

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My 91 had the digital clock but neither the original wiring harness on my 92 MJ nor its replacement harness from an 92 XJ had the connector for one. Jeep dropped the digital clock in '92 and the time was displayed on the radio. Jeep being Jeep, i wouldn't be surprised if some XJs and MJs left the factory in 92 with a digital clock tho.

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Well, crap! I was afraid that might be the case. I've ripped

this dash half apart looking for something that may not

exist. I guess if I want this clock I'll have to splice into

existing wires. I hate finding that on vehicles I buy, but

I guess it's either that or no clock. At least I have both

sides of the connector. My truck was built in November of

1991, but apparently after the cutoff. Thanks for the reply,

even though I didn't like the answer. ;)

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