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Dana 35 differential yoke crush collar question??

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Hey guys, this is my first post on here. I just bought a 1988 comanche 4x4 that is in good shape and runs/drives great. It is missing the rear drive shaft though. I bought both new yokes, seals, and got a brand new drive shaft made last week. I started installing everything today and think I ran into a problem. I took the broken rear yoke out and pulled the seal. Then I realized There was no crush sleeve or thrust washer that came out with everything. I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be one there right?? I'm thinking maybe someone took the yoke out maybe prior to me buying the truck and maybe never put all the parts back in. I need to go get all my parts tomorrow if possible but could someone tell me exacly everything that SHOULD be in there. I've looked at schematics that show what they call a thrust washer in there but then I also read that there should be a crush sleeve in there. Any input would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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IF your D35 axle is original in your 88, it is a non-c-clip axle and there is no crush sleeve; the preload is set by shims. This also pertains to the D44 axle. The later (some 1990s and up) D35C axle is a c-clip axle and used the crush sleeve. So you should be fine installing the new seal and pinion yoke and re-torquing to specs.

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