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A/C leak

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where are some common spots our A/C system leaks? I thought i had a small leak because when i replaced my A/C compressor it took about 2 months to leak out. today because of the weather I wanted my defrost to work properly (to dry the air) i bought $100 worth of 134a coolant with a gauge because i lost my old one... It all leaked out in 20 min. :fs1: one of the cans had a UV dye in it and i plan to use that to find the leak tonight, but because of all the rain i don't know how long till it gets washed off.



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I'm far from "knowing about AC systems", what I do know is that if your system has no refrigerant in it, it went somewhere (leaked out?)

My friend did exactly what the OP did, spent money, then more money, then bought a evacuation pump and manifolds. I told him to "pump it down" see if it holds vacuum, well he had no patience, pumped it down and put more refrigerant/$$$ into it. He did not make sure it would hold vacuum, if it won't hold vacuum, it won't hold pressure either. There is a lot of info out there on how to fix your system, far from just putting a "few cans in it" see if it will hold.... If the system is not evacuated properly, the water in it (there will be water in it) will turn to ice as it tries to pass through the expansion valve orifice which then plugs up and will not work. My suggestion is if you don't have the proper tools, evacuation pump and manifolds, let someone else do it.

And now to irritate others, it's not one of the black arts or magic. Spend money on what you need, research on how to get it done and have at it. Some people run dyed diesel in their personal truck, remove their catalytic converters, and others work on their own AC systems...

Remember, what your doing can/might have moral, legal, and ethical issues, be prepared.

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