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New Stereo Install

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Hello Fellow addicts!

My two year old Pioneer 7200 HD started popping and crackling (only while playing USB and DVD music) I know some will say I had a short, but the radio played fine. After weeks of annoying pops and cracks I purchased the Kenwood KDC X995 with thePro.fit UL-242-4BG mount for an Iphone or Ipod touch. I have used Pioneer products for the last ten years so needless to say I was very disappointed that the Pioneer unit died so quickly. I have to say that the Kenwood install was flawless, my Iphone pairs up easily for BT hands free calling on the Iphone. The sound is first class whether it be from a DVD, Iphone or USB drive.

Here are some pics.




I placed the universal cradle in an area where I can still see the instruments, and it is easily removed with the panel cover. I installed the MIC in the center console right above the beverage holder and the sound is very good despite the noise from the cab. I purchased from Crutchfield (I know I paid too much), but I must say calling their technical support and talking with good folks over in Virginia has far surpassed my recent experience with offshore technical support. Although I am not a fan of Diana Ross that is the song that popped up as I share an Itunes account with my better half.


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