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Puegout transmission

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What do you need to know?


Don't believe the first gear spec everyone seems to use,

like 3.39:1, or something.


I've had 4 BA 10-5's,

the early 87-88's I had were ~4:1 first gear,

the 89's I had were ~3.75:1


When my 4wd 10-5 finally died,

I grabbed a 2wd 10-5,

swapped the 4wd output adapter in place of a 2wd's tailcone,

then cut the output shaft down to fit.

(2wd output shaft is splined all the way down to the speedo gear location).


The later 3.75 10-5's seemed more durable than the earlier 4:1's,

I changed the gear oil often, and extended the breather tube to keep the pukey from puking gear oil at highway speeds.

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