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'96 Cherokee Floor Pans

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Has anyone ever cut the floorpan (or part of it) out of donor Cherokee and used it to replace their rotting MJ? I know many members have purchased replacement floor pans that claim to be Comanche specific and have found out or guessed that they're Cherokee pans.


Is a '96 Cherokee floor pan similar/same as an '88 MJ?


P.S: if you found this post in a search for floor pan installs, here's a few great links - #1 and #2

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From my under standing the floor pans from XJ's differ from MJ's floor pans.


Yea that's kinda what I thought, but I wasn't sure since I've only just begun the teardown of my donor Cherokee and my MJ is stored elsewhere until I've made room for it.


Once I've pulled up the carpet on the donor I might just cut out sections of the floor pan just in case. If they fit... great..... if they don't, I guess it doesn't hurt to have some spare sheet metal hanging around. Besides... I need to teach myself to MIG weld, and it's better to blow holes in the scrap 1st. :smart:

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