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engine sputtering

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so i installed my RK long arms and had to do some moving of the fuel lines. just out of the way basicly. now the engine sputters when not on the gas. it doesnt jump high but rpms do bounce around. any ideas on what could be causing this? ive got till the 21st to figure it out because ive got a wheelin' trip. thanks

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positive. we did however have to raise and lower everything when removing the crossmember. didnt think that would do anything though. i mean i had to pull the lines out and push them up while i drilled. other then that we didnt touch them.


when you first start it it jumps to about 1000rpm then dies right off. when you start it again it goes real low about 300rpm then to 500 and just wavers between the two. maybe touching 600rpm. while on the gas its fine but directly goes back to sputtering when you left off even in the slightest.


i read maybe MAP sensor? TPS? i don't know. thats what i got just from reading some threads. i pushed the button on the fuel rail and fuel came shooting out so i guess my pressure is good :dunno: it didnt do that before i changed the filter though. it just drizzled out.

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problem solved! thank god. theres like a 10 inch hose running from the throttle body to something mounted on the fire wall. it was unplugged. :doh: can't believe i didnt see it. i stuck my head under the hood this morning before work and heard it plan as day. took a second when i got home to find where it plugged in. sputtered a few times, then went back to normal idle.


now i found i have an exhaust leak. i guess from all the dicking around under there. thanks again though Pete. you've offered up help when others wouldnt :thumbsup:

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