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need some help

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about six months ago the transmission went out in my Blue MJ (my DD) it had the BA-10/5. seeing this as the perfect time to up grade transmissions i have everything needed but the transmission mount to attach the transmission the the cross member.... so far the guy on ebay has set me back by 7 weeks.. it took him to 2 weeks to get the part shipped and a week to get to me :headpop: , only to find out that he shipped the wrong part (yes i also ordered the wrong part but the part sent was not even the part i bought) so a week of email back and forth and he said that he would send the part i thought i was what i needed. two weeks later he ships the part, so a week later i finally get the second part only to find that it is an AX-15 mount but its for a wrangler... :fs1: so i sent them another email yesterday and have yet to hear back... :rant:


does any one know where i can get a transmission mount for my AX-15, i need the part that bolts onto the transmission to the cross member... i have been looking for the past 7 weeks and can't find what i need, my search only brings up the rubber part...

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i remember having alot of problems finding a tranny mount also.i had bought a mount from discount auto that didint work,went to the junk yard and got a cross member and a mount from a manche that had a 5 speed not sure which it was. it didnt fit either.i finally ended up modifying one of the ones i had to make it work. seems like some grinding of the mount itself and some widening of the holes and it finally fit.sorry this probably isnt much help :(

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The AX15 tranny uses a different crossmember than the Peugot, part number 52003929. Best bet for these is the yard from an 89 and up XJ/MJ w. the AX15.


The AX15 rear transmission support bracket is p/n 52003927. It also requires a spacer, p/n 52003939. If you can't find these parts online, shoot me a PM.

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