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Ford Dana 44

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78 has cast in C wedges so unless you want crappy Ford radius arms I don't think it would be worth it.


Unless its from an F-150 extended cab or an F-250 then it could be leaf sprung and you could adapt a 3 or 4 link.


got a pic of what you are talking about? not sure about them being "cast" in..


i got a LP44 out of a Bronco, the wedges are held on by 2, 3/8"X3 fillet welds......

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It really depends on what it's out of during the '78-'79 time. '77-'79 F-150 Super Cabs and '78-'79 F-250's were setup leaf spring and did not have the cast wedges. The F-250 are going to be a 8 lug axle. If it's a '78-'79 axle setup for coil springs (F-100 or F-150 standard) it'll have the cast wedges.


Cool. Learn something new everyday :thumbsup:

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I know he said it has radius arms on it so that guarantees that it will have cast in wedges if it's actually out of a 78? I plan on using the radius arms set up so that really doesn't bother me but it would be nice to have the option. Are the axle shafts compatible with any other d44? Would there be another d44 that would provide stronger shafts or u-joints? Oh yeah, what axle would be a good match for the rear?

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If I was to do it I think I would buy a basket case ford truck or bronco and use both axles.


Also those axles are about 6" wider then what you have now.


On mine I think I'm gonna retube a 79 bronco D44 to waggy width and stay 4 link.

I know a lot of people like their radius/Y link arms but IMO removing a 4 link to install them is silly.

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