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91 AX15 into an 88 NEED INFO ASAP!

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I have a line on an AX15 to replace the 88 Peugeot in Sugarfoot. Problem is it is not exactly what i want but cost prohibits the perfect world. But here's the deal it is a 91 AX15 2x4. the Peugeot is dead in the driveway. Trucks needs to run regardless. AX15 comes without shifter. So what am I looking at to make this change? Since I am an ex Peugeot is there an change in the drive shaft or length from the 4x4 I was to AX 15 2x4? What years can I pull a shifter from? The NP231 is gonna get parked in the garage for awhile so no interest is asked to make the shaft swap. I have only a couple days at home before i have to get back to where i was. So time is of essence here. I need all info ASAP. It's late Sunday in TX I have to be back in Ohio on Tuesday. Has to be able to pull small live in trailer to next site. Thanks.

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have you tried car-part.com for a local 4x4 version? or even for a peugeot? you need a bunch more parts than just a trans, and you're going to need an AX-15 shifter either way.


the crossmember will technically work, it'll just jack the trans up an inch. it's less of an issue with a 2wd trans since you won't have 4x4 linkage to align.

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Thanks Pete at least i know what I'm looking for in the drive shaft change and it is the easiest one to find the AW4 2x4 with D35 are a dime a dozen down here. The 4x4 are hard to come by down here. automatic's with 4.0 2x4 are soccer moms cars a plenty. So being a 91 AX 15 trans I should not need the CJ bearing correct? My cross member should work with some creative boring. I need a trans mount which like the drive shaft should be plentiful. Shifter is the remaining issue. AX 15 comes with bell housing, clutch, slave and everything else after fresh separation from 4.0. I thought the clutches were the same? In additional thought is the master line to the AX 15? but can that not be manufactured on site? Having redone all my brake lines years ago I still have the bending tools necessary to do so.


Are there any changes in the AX15 shifter from 90-92 though say 96?


Pete I appreciate the info and quick response. I have also read some other recent threads.


As for the future I would like to pick up an later AX15 bell housing with the external slave.

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Just spoke with seller on Trans. Some miscommunication has occurred. Revised discrimination 92XJ Trans is ax 15 with shifter, external slave, bell housing with cross member and mount he is throwing in. Has XJ drive shaft but I will measure when I get there for length. Anything else I will need other than drive shaft while I'm out? I'll grab as many extra bolts that I can.

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Yeah Pete found that out, can't win them all, but I felt I got a great deal out of it and I just will have to find one ASAP on Car-part.com. I do have a reprieve on getting back to Ohio. FEMA is out of money either on Monday or Tuesday, so they can't pay the bills and my company has us on hold till notified. I got to say I lucked out and gained a few extra days and the best thing is I am at home too. I have been working NFIP flood work for FEMA on the Missouri for two months and it's my first chance to be home. Damn it's good to be home. As for the truck:

I got a 92 AX15 trans <170K

external slave bell housing


Clutch (about half life)

throw out bearing


mount for AC (a bolt had stripped years ago)

open system radiator and recovery tank




Rid of the Peugeot BA10 trans after 246,000 miles (and 1 rebuild)




And made a fellow jeep owner a friend.

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