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Replace side mirrors

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What type of mirrors, and what five screws?


If you have the most common mirrors, which are the rectangular ones that mount to the front triangle of the door vent windows, you start by popping the retainer clips to loosen the interior door trim panel. Lift it up to clear the window channel, then either slide it back a couple of inches or let it drop down.


This exposes the interior mount for the mirror. There should be (IIRC) one screw, at the bottom, holding the plastic trim piece on. Remove that, and you'll find three (3) screws holding the mirror itself.


I stole this from another thread about mirrors:


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Shouldn't have to fold the mirrors to get those off. The ones you are after are three torx screws under the little triangle cover on the inside. Pull the door panel if you care about it, or pull the edge down enough to get to the screw that holds that cover on, and then there will be some foam. Pull off the foam, and the three torx should be staring you in the face.



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the top left in the diagram you posted... and on the out side of the jeep i removed 5 screws ( had to fold the mirror to get to them.)

Put those 5 back where you found them and follow the instructions I posted. You can see the screws I described in the diagram I posted -- that's why I posted it.

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