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I've always wanted to build a stroker and now that I'm about own my 3rd 4.0 Inline 6, I figured it was about time that I start researching this topic and become more familiar with what's involved. I figured that while I was collecting information, I might as well keep a list of it for others to reference.


- The below information & links will be updated as I come across more :wrench:

- Feel free to PM me or post a link here and I'll add it to the list



Yahoo Stroker Group - http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/strokers

Jeep Strokers - www.jeepstokers.com


Informative Links:

Great introduction to Stroking a 4.0 - Dino's Jeep 4.0 Performance Site

The above links authors personal build - From Junker to Stroker

"Stroking a Jeep 4.0L Motor" article - www.rockcrawler.com


Member Builds & Write-Up's:



Non-Member Builds & Write-Up's:

- Muad'Dib 4.7L stroker build


Non-Stroker Specific Engine Information:

Engine Balancing Parts #1 to 6 - Eaton Balancing

DIY Oil Catch Can for 4.0L - Article by Dino Savva

DIY Cylinder Head Porting Guide - Article by Standard Abrasives




Questions & Answers:

Q - How much is this gonna cost me?

A - Poll conducted at http://www.jeepstrokers.com



- Hesco

- Speed-O-Motive

- Jake's Racing Engines

- RPM Machine

- 505 Performance

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