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Vacuum Block? (AC Vents not blowing)

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Not sure if that's exactly what it's called, but I heard that sometimes you can knock it loose when fiddling with installing/removing a radio (thus leading to air not coming out of your vents?)


Anybody got a picture of this dubious object, and better yet, how to put it back where it should go? :dunno: Been searching the truck a while and can't seem to locate it. I ask, because this has direct correlation to this thread. Which, is over 2 months I've been without decent blowing air (mostly because I've been to busy/lazy to look more into it)


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It sounds like you are talking about the vacuum cluster/connector on the backside of the heater control. it doesn't have to be completely out to not work. It can be partially dislodged/disconnected and not work because of the gap between the two pieces. You can see all the vacuum lines connecting to the plastic connector, just push it in and make sure it is completely seated.

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