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I picked up my 87, SWB, 2.5L/4sp/2wd project Comanche the other day.. 98k miles on the thing and it came with a half tank of gas! jamminz.gif


Going to build it into a great winter vehicle, a trail-ready vehicle and something i can DD when I'm doing something irresponsible to the Mustang. ;)


Plans so far are to make it 4wd, put a 4.0 in it with an auto trans behind it. Suspension wise, I'll probably start with a budget boost and throw some 31's on it. Sliders and homemade bumpers hopefully sometime this winter. Hopefully some nice exhaust too.

I like the LCG with tires that barely fit look.


My plans for this week- hopefully before i start my night shift, 60hr weeks on Wednesday:

-Get it registered and insured.

-Remove carpet- CHECK! :thumbsup:

-Fix rust and holes- IN PROCESS [pics coming]

-Bedline the inside of the cab: Floors, rear of cab, ceiling [took out the headliner too], rockers, and maybe the outside rear of cab.

-Fill empty cab compartments with insulation of some sort- possibly pond foam or jute, i don't know yet.

-Go drivetrain shopping!!!! haha.


Today's progress:

Carpet out

Drivers side rust

Pass. side rust

Rust cut out!

Cutting my patch panels

Holes to weld into on large patch panel

Large patch panel welded in, as well as "Rust Fix" sprayed on all the rust i didnt get wire-wheeled & sanded off. Turns out, i'm a horrible welder, but that panel isnt going anywhere and ill have a real welder put some good beads into it before i line the sucker.


Training in the morning, then picking up some materials then getting back to work on the Comanche!!

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Nice truck with a nice plan.

You should probably avoid any sort of spray in foam. That stuff will only trap water!



Thanks! I used "rust killer"/sealant before i put the foam in and found some fiberglass insulation to put in the body cavities.. I ran out because i underestimated how much empty space there was in the damn thing!

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