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JK Coils and Shocks

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Yes, I have them on mine. The shocks run a little lower on the stroke but they are perfect for a 2in. lift. Coils are nice and they ride about 3/8" lower but a ton smoother. You need to run your MJ bar pins or cut off the ends on the JK ones and drill new holes, they are conveniently stamped for where the hole needs to be drilled. Haven't used the rears yet, I assume they will work fine.

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I have JK shocks all around on mine. It only took some minor mods to make them fit. Like was said, youll need to put the bar pins in the front lowers. I think youll need to press out the steel spacer thats in there alread in order to install the pins. Same goes for the rear. some of the steel spacers will need to be removed in order to fit the MJ mount on the leaf spring. I can't remember what it took for the top of the rears, if anything. They ride fine, but I think the rears might be a tad short. I had to unbolt the shocks in order to get full droop enough to install longer rear shackles to make up for the 4wd springs and extra isolator I installed in the front.

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