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Took a trip to my local Flea Market today with a buddy of mine. We figured on walking around the place and just chilling before we both had to go get home to catch some Z's before we head off to work tomorrow. Spent a good amount of time around looking at different shops when I went into a shop I'd only been in a few times over the last couple of years. It was a shop selling all kinds of metal signs and wall memorabilia (from classic car stuff to television shows to sports team insignias and the like) and I start browsing through his goods when I happened to stumble across this beauty.


Oh yeah, classic Willy's goodness right there. Not only was the price right (a measly $10!) this thing is almost 1 1/2w x 2 1/2h ft made of good quality metal (like a license plate type) What a steal! jamminz.gif :brows:


For another $10, I picked myself up a tribute to the first car I really fell in love with since I was a kid. As much as I'd like to admit I fell in love with Jeep first, it was Pontiac that I really fell in love with, more specifically....


The always awesome Pontiac Firebird. In fact, the next car I plan on buying down the road is going to be an '88 Trans Am with the HO 305 with the 5 Speed... :drool:


Next time I go down to the guy's place again, I'll definitely be picking up some more of his Jeep goods and probably snap some pictures of everything else he has for sale. :thumbsup:

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